Leptospirillum is a genus of oxidizing bacteria of iron, which plays an important role in industrial bioleaching and biooxidation processes. The Leptospirillum is one of extremophile bacteria found in Rio Tinto.

Monitoring station for contaminated areas

Leptos is a project in development for the construction of gas detection and monitoring station to be deployed in the field for long periods of time. Will be equipped with MQ-2 sensors for the detection of lethal gases, PPD42 to detect solid suspended particles  the and a BME280 for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Leptos station is thought to be located in the vicinity of highly contaminated areas and carry out monitoring in real time of lethal gases and suspended particles emissions. Offers energetic autonomy through a solar panle and will be connected to the online platform of the I.M.V.E.C. through Wifi or GPRS.

Citizen science

With the Leptos project our main goal is to facilitate to the citizenship a tool of surveillance and control of the contaminated areas that affect them directly and to provide an accesible tool, easy to build and economic for the anticipation to disasters in the environment.



Leptos 0.1 (developed in collaboration with Juanfra Álvarez)


It is equipped with one MQ-2 sensor for the detection of gases, one Shinyei PPD42 sensor for the detection of suspended solid particles (PM10 and PM2.5) one BME280 sensor for recording temperature, humidity and barometric pressure and a screen of an inch for the visualization of data in the field. Data is also recorded to a text file in the SD card.
It offers energy independence through a battery with solar panel.
Estimated total cost of the station: €80


· Arduino Uno R3
· Grove Shield V.2 
· MQ2 gas sensor
· SHINYEI PPD42 suspended solid particles
· BME280 temperature-humidity-barometer
· 0.96″ OLED screen
· Data logger
· 5V battery
· SD memory card


· Calibrate the MQ-2 gas sensor to stablish the deviation margins in relation to a professional Drägger gas detector.
· Test and comparison between MQ-2 gas sensor and the Grove Multichannel Gas Sensor (https://fair.to/PLPyd).
· Wifi and GPRS connectivity to pipe the collected data to an online public platform.