• global coordination
  • sample collection
  • local impact
  • public awareness

Set up your lab!


The experimentation lab is focused in reproducing polluted areas in safe spaces, collecting samples, keeping the custody chain and studying the impact of contaminated water and soil in different areas.

Getting close to a polluted area has never been so easy.


Together with neighbours in different places, we are setting up experimental zones focused on testing different sources of water and soil from polluted areas growing Romanesco Cauliflowers, Salad and Brocoli. Plants are exposed to mineral water and contaminated water from local sources for further analysis.

Get in touch with us to set a local plant probing area in your neighborhood.

‘If it is not funny, it is not a game’

Through the game dynamics, kids will learn about polluting events and will be given the opportunity to imagine and build solutions for the problems.

We are gonna build the future.

‘Let them use the power of simulation to imagine new ways of survival’

Basic survival techniques and methods, production and neutralization of polluting materials, design of new tools and ways to deal with contamination… these are some of the dynamics we are working on.

Museum? School? Social Institution? Set an Experimentation lab in yor centre