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  • imagine
  • learn by doing

Play with your kids!

 We are developing safe areas to learn about polluting events with kids. Using the Minetest game and voxel engine we’re working on the set up of different game dynamics.

Getting close to a landfill or a refinery has never been so easy.

Minetest VS Minecraft

As a way for facilitating the use of the game we use the Free Open Source voxel game Minetest. It’s free as in freedom and also free of charge giving every child in the world the chance to reach the learning dynamics.

Use our repository of schematics to build your own maps.

‘If it is not funny, it is not a game’

Through the game dynamics, kids will learn about polluting events and will be given the opportunity to imagine and build solutions for the problems.

We are gonna build the future.

‘Let them use the power of simulation to imagine new ways of survival’

Basic survival techniques and methods, production and neutralization of polluting materials, design of new tools and ways to deal with contamination… these are some of the dynamics we are working on.

Museum? School? Social Institution? Organize a workshop in yor centre