You can contact the I.M.V.E.C. through three channels:

We will give you three options for your safety and ours, from least secure to most secure. Evaluate if the information you have to send and your relationship with it need to be maintained in a way completely anonymous and protected or if it is public (for example already have denounced it to the courts or similar).

For your safety and ours, to protect your anonymity and no reprisals, we recommend to take extra precautions when it comes to information.
We suggest using TOR: browser that hides your IP address and other information that could reveal your identity in the event that someone wanted to identify the communication.

Option 0
Contact us using your regular, unencrypted and monitored email account hosted at Gm—.com, yah–.com …. The comunication will be monitored by your mail provider and we won’t be able to keep any degree of security.

Option 1
1 – To maintain your anonymity when you write, we recommend to do it from a browser with TOR (Guide to downloading and installing TOR on Linux, Windows and MacOs), and close all the other applications.
2 – Create an email account specifically to contact us at using the same browser.
Send the information from your new account at Tutanota, to

Option 2 + PGP
It is the same as 1, but using PGP encryption in addition. If you do not know what is the PGP, surely don’t need continue reading. If you are interested you can learn here about what is and how to create a pair of PGP keys for your mail in tutanota.
Download the PGP public key for here.
Remember to attach your public PGP Public key in the email you send so that we can answer you.


You can also reach us via chat using the protocol. Ask for the team at any of these groups: