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We are a team that for more than 10 years has imagined, designed and built, environmental research projects based on the development of the technical image and the open formation as basic pillars. From the position of “allies” we work there where we are required. Our research is always part of the interest of local groups. We’re not a paratrooper unit.


Based on the free circulation of information, all our materials are free to download, use and modify.
We are a project for the development of environmental survival techniques.
We are not a project that tries to generate changes in the fabric of the social and environmental reality of the planet, nor does it intend to stop the processes of global industrial pollution.
We are a project born of the idea that it is too late for all that, and whether on earth, or on other planets, humanity will have to reinvent itself and adapt to survive in lethal natural spaces.
We are not an ecologist project.

We have already passed from the idea to the action.


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